How to choose a sink for the kitchen?

Sink in the kitchen — an object perhaps the most important. Choose it correctly means to provide yourself with convenience when cooking. What designs are produced today, and what should be considered when buying?

Moika shape

In shape, modern sinks are very different. If desired, you can buy round or square. Nowadays, many so — they order exclusive options for interesting forms. The sink can be made, for example, in the form of a flower, heart or drop. When choosing a form, in addition to purely decorative characteristics, it is also taken into account where exactly this kitchen equipment will be installed. You can buy, for example, a corner compact model in a small kitchen. For a spacious room, a linear. The design can also consist of two shells. Of course, such a model will be more convenient to use.

Material used for manufacturing

Today, stainless steel options are considered the most practical. Such models are durable, beautiful and most importantly, such a plumbing is inexpensive. Most modern kitchens are equipped with them. Metal shells perfectly tolerate both reduced and elevated temperatures. In addition, they do not rust at all, as they make them from steel with the addition of chromium and nickel. The disadvantage of such models can be considered that they differ in noisiness. However, manufacturers found a good way out of this situation, starting to produce structures with a soundproof layer.

A very good option can also be considered ceramic models. They are easier to care than metal and look very good indoors in the room. They are not afraid of hot objects at all. The disadvantage can be considered that you need to handle them carefully in the sense that ceramics are the material beating. Many also acquire budget enameled shells in our time. They are also quite practical. Of course, if the enamel is applied high -quality.

Composite models are considered the most expensive and solid option today. Acryl is used as a material for their manufacture in a mixture with granite and quartz crumbs. Such designs last longer than any others, can have a variety of colors and shape. Caring for them is extremely simple. Spots are not eaten into the material, and there is no white plaque left on it from hard water.

Design features

By design, the sink can be overhead (ordinary option), cut, integrated and subscription. Smeal structures are built into the countertop and look very good. Their installation is not particularly difficult. Integrated sinks are installed only by specialists, taking into account all other elements of the kitchen design. Linen shells are located just below the countertops. The choice of washing depends primarily on the design of the kitchen. Of course, the financial condition of the owner is also of considerable importance. Today’s wide range allows you to purchase easily the most suitable option.

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