How to choose a sink in the bathroom?

For a long time, the days have gone the past when the only enameled shells were installed in the bathrooms without a stand. Today the range of these products in the market is extremely wide. What plumbing to choose, and what qualities it should have?

Design features

There are several varieties of such equipment:

— Hinged models. Designs of this type can be called the most common. They are attached to the wall by means of brackets, do not take up much space and are cheaper than all other options. The disadvantages can be classified that all the summarized communications remain in sight. However, today there are special bedside tables and panels on sale, having bought which you can easily correct the situation;

— Built -in. Such shells are complete with a bedside table, in which they are built. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the features of a particular room. In a small bathroom, you should not install too overall model. In any case, the doors should open freely, without touching the surrounding objects. By the way, a high -quality cabinet with a bathroom shell can be seen inexpensively and buy at the link above.;

— Corner shells. This is the perfect option for a small room. This design practically does not take space and at the same time is quite convenient to use;

— There are so — two very common types of this plumbing — «water lily» and «tulip». The first option can be installed in any room. «Tulip» is quite overall and is suitable only for a large bathroom;

In the event that the owners decide to buy a product with overflow and some other additions, it is worth first to make sure that there is the possibility of eyeliner all the necessary pipes.

How to choose material

The most practical composite options are considered today. They are made of acrylic, to which quartz crumbs are added. This equipment is not afraid of mechanical influences and is very resistant to temperature differences. Such shells can be made in any color, so it is very easy to choose the most suitable option for interior design. However, they cost more than any others.

A very good solution for the bathroom can be traditional ceramics. This material is characterized by an attractive appearance and excellent performance characteristics. If you do not knock on such equipment with a hammer, it will last a very long time. It is better to prefer porcelain to the faience. Such designs are stronger and more practical.

Stainless steel models look rather presentable and are durable. However, they are somewhat complicated in care, since difficult stains remain from hard water on their surface. People who prefer original solutions may appeal to a glass model. Such designs look unusual and can become a real decoration of the room.

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