How to choose a siphon?

Siphon is called a special design mounted under the sink and performing two main functions. The first is to drain the spent water. In addition, this device prevents the penetration of unpleasant odors from the sewer into the room. Below in the article we will consider in more detail what exactly should be considered when choosing a siphon.


Modern manufacturers make siphones from a variety of materials. It can be copper, cast iron, brass, nickel, plastic, rubber and various kinds of alloys. The most popular today are plastic and rubber models. It’s all about the simplicity of their installation and low cost. Among other things, these products are very convenient to use and are quite reliable. For a dwelling, it is best to purchase this particular type of plumbing. Metal varieties are quite complicated in installation. In addition, in the event of a blockage occurs, it will be somewhat more difficult to clean them than plastic. Tip: All the variety of these products can be viewed and purchased here — plumbing in the Sreda -Obitaniya online store.

Syphon configuration

The configuration distinguishes three types of siphons — bottle, corrugated and pipe. The first variety is probably familiar to every owner of the apartment. Such designs are used almost everywhere. According to the bending of pipes made of hard plastic, such models resemble a bottle. For cleaning, you just need to remove the flask and rinse it with ordinary water.

Corporal models are convenient in that they allow you to install the sink in any, even the most uncomfortable place. Their disadvantage is that the folds of the corrugation are quickly clogged with waste. Pipe structures are performed in the form of the letter S, or U. Their plus is a very small size.

Siphon installation place

When choosing the most suitable model, it is necessary to take into account the place where the apartment will be used. In this regard, pay attention to the diameter of the pipes. If the design is installed under the kitchen shell, the diameters at the ends must correspond to the sliding hole in the bowl and the input in the sunbed. Thus it will be possible to avoid leaks. The diameter of the pipe in the knee area should be somewhat large. In this case, fats entering inside with the spent water will not be too quickly clogging the interior space. However, it is worth remembering that too wide the passage in the knee is also undesirable. The fact is that at the same time, water will not linger in the bend. As a result, unpleasant odors from the sewer will begin to enter the apartment. For a sink in the bathroom, you can use a design with a diameter of pipes equal to the diameter of the drain hole.

Thus, for a dwelling, an ideal option would be a plastic bottle siphon. In the event that the bowl is installed in an uncomfortable place, you can choose the same corrugated or pipe model.

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