How to choose an electric convector?

Electric convectors — one of the most popular types of heating equipment. To date, only two types of similar devices are produced — “dry” and liquid. The first variety is usually used for additional heating. Liquid options can be applied for the main.

Dry -like convectors

Air heating with such designs is carried out by means of heating. The main advantage of this type of heating devices is a very low cost. However, the efficiency of such models is not too large — only 50%. They cannot be used for basic heating. The fact is that when heated by air above 80 grams. It begins to burn dust with the absorption of oxygen in it. This makes the room in the room not too comfortable. The heating of the «dry» convector heats up very much. In order to distribute heat over the entire surface of the structure, some manufacturers adopt them with fans. However, when buying such a model, it should be taken into account its noise. Among other things, the air in the room, heated in this way, is very much overdried. For sufficient heating, 1 kW of power per 10 m2 of area is required. And this is only if there are other, main sources of heat in the room.

Liquid convectors

Contesters with liquid inside are considered to be more effective to date than «dry». Heat such a device gives the entire surface. In this case, the simultaneous heating temperature is not too high. This prevents air overdry. The heat from heating elements in such devices is preliminarily transmitted to the liquid. And it already, in turn, heats the metal surface of the case. Efficiency of such models is more than 95%. For heating 10 m2 of the area of ​​the room, only about 800 watts of power are needed. Moreover, the use of additional heat sources is not necessary. Liquid models, among other things, are also higher than “dry”, and therefore the air through them passes much faster, and therefore, the room warms up faster. When buying a liquid product, we advise you to take a closer look at NOBO electrocondectors, which are distinguished by good quality and moderate price.

Additional opportunities

Choosing a model, you should pay attention to the presence of additional functions. Although they rise in price as an electric convector, however, they make it much more convenient to use, and also save electricity. It is very interesting, for example, the function of automatic shutdown of the device when the room is heated to a certain temperature. The models with programmers can also be considered convenient. Such equipment is tuned to turn on and off at a certain time of the day.

Thus, when choosing an electrical heating device, a convector type must be guided primarily by what type of heating is required in the room — additional or main. It is also worth paying attention to the functionality.

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