How to choose an electric stove?

Sooner or later, almost every housewife thinks about choosing a stove. This is perhaps the most important household appliances that must be present in any kitchen. In this article, we will talk about how not to make a mistake when buying an electric stove and what to pay attention to first of all.


Naturally, any household appliances should harmoniously fit into the kitchen set, and therefore it is very important to choose its size correctly. Standard plates have a height of 85 centimeters and a depth of 50 or 60 cm. In addition, modern models are equipped with special legs, and therefore, if your kitchen is non -standard or, conversely, high, you can easily adjust the height of your electric stove. But in the width they differ significantly — the size varies from the narrowest of 50 centimeters to the widest of 90 centimeters. Thus, the choice of size will depend to a greater extent on the capabilities and sizes of your kitchen, and only then from personal wishes.


— Surface. It can be either the enamel familiar to everyone, or modern glass ceramics. The enameled surface will be able to serve you for many years, while it is possible to choose any color that you will wish. However, such a surface is easily scratched, chips may appear on it, and it is quite difficult to remove a runaway liquid or divorces from fat from it. What can not be said about glass ceramics — to maintain it in perfect cleanliness is much easier. In addition, it tends to quickly heat up to high temperatures, which accelerates the cooking time. In this case, the surrounding surface within a radius of several centimeters remains cold. If you want to choose a high -quality model of glass ceramics, see electric plates on the website Allo.

— Brings and their number. Depending on the model of the electric stove, the number of fireproofs can vary from two to six. In a traditional enameled plate, they represent a kind of “pancake” in a cast -iron frame, equipped with a heat heating element (heating element). This species is popular due to its simplicity and high thermal conductivity of cast iron. In modern glass -ceramic surfaces, halogen and induction recks are already used. They are able to warm up to the desired temperature and maintain it for a long time. A big plus of such fireproofs is that they can have the shape of any dishes, as well as have an extension zone for very large pots and farmers.


In older models of electric plates, static oven are used, which have a standard set of functions: upper and lower heating and, in some, the grill of modern plates are equipped with multifunctional ovens, which can rightfully be considered the fulfillment of the dreams of any housewife. Convection air distribution allows you to quickly cook delicious dishes, starting from baked potatoes and ending with lush biscuits.

Simply put, the most important thing when choosing an electric stove is the convenience of its use. And if you are not a supporter of innovations and modern technologies, you can safely choose traditional and standard models, which in any case will make various dishes for the whole family.