How to choose an orthopedic mattress?

The choice of mattress is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. This bedding should be as convenient as possible and at the same time practical and durable. Orthopedic varieties differ from ordinary ones in that the spine of a person sleeping on them remains absolutely straight.

In order to achieve this goal, manufacturers make models with different rigidity of the filler. After all, some parts of the human body weigh more, and some less. Of course, this option should be selected individually, based on the characteristics of the human figure. The assortment of mattresses today is simply huge. And therefore it will not be difficult to purchase the most suitable model. Of course, when buying, you need to pay attention to some factors, for example, such as the type of filler used, a wire and spring block, as well as the material used for lining.

Which spring block is better?

To date, manufacturers use mainly two types of spring blocks — dependent (bonnel) and independent. When choosing a model, pay attention to which of these two varieties in it must be used. The Bonnel system in terms of convenience of operation is significantly inferior to independent. Mattresses with a dependent system of orthopedic system can hardly be considered. In independent systems, each spring is autonomous and placed in a special case. As a result, the weight of the body of the lying person is distributed on the surface more uniformly, and therefore the spine remains even. Therefore, those who want to purchase the most convenient option should take a closer look at models with an independent spring system, you can see such models here — /AKCII -SPB /SKIDKI.

Launch, filler and sheathing

The layer is used in order to prevent the spoilage damage by springs. Most often, ordinary burlap is used for this purpose. It is quite environmentally friendly and, importantly, the material that passes the air well. As a filler, vatin, foam rubber, coin and horse hair can be used. The first option, of course, does not have an orthopedic effect at all. Vatin is not elastic and is also non -thygrooscopic. After a few months of use, this material simply rolls up. Foamen — a slightly more convenient option. High -quality material can make the mattress quite convenient. However, quite often manufacturers use low density foam. Such material quickly begins to crumble and sag. Models with Koyra can be considered the most convenient. As for the skin, it should be quite dense. The best option in this regard can be considered a practical jacquard.

Not only spring models can have an orthopedic effect. Latex mattresses relax very well. However, such models cost quite expensive and far from pockets not everyone. Although now it is possible to purchase a cheaper option with an artificial latex filler.

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