How to choose loops for doors?

The time and ease of operation of the door directly depends on how correctly the loops will be selected. Therefore, when buying door loops, you should pay attention to several important factors.

General characteristics

The larger the load on the door in the future, the thicker the loops should be. Of great importance is also of which material was used for manufacturing. You should choose the fittings made of durable metal — steel or brass. Among other things, these elements of the door accessories should differ in aesthetic appearance and harmoniously combine with handles, overlays, fixators and locks.

Types of door loops

To date, the following types of loops are produced:

— False. This variety is most common. In turn, such elements are divided into removable and universal. When choosing the first option, you need to know about where exactly the canvas will open — inside or out;

— Butterfly. Such elements belong to a removable variety. Their main advantage is a beautiful appearance, since the corners of the paintings are rounded. This option is very inexpensive and perfectly suits all types of interior doors.

— Universal. In this case, the first thing to pay attention to is the thickness of the element. In order to check the smoothness of the work, you need to take the loop for one of the paintings and follow how the second will go down under its weight. The smoother and slower this process will occur, the better. Usually, such elements are made from brass. At the same time, you can choose from several colors — “Matova Brass”, “polished”, “bronze”, “chrome polished”, “matte”. All variety, such a variety of accessories for doors, you can see here on this site.

— Vever. Their two elements are, on each of which there are special threaded pins. One half is mounted on a box, the second on the canvas. In this case, the choice depends on the number of pins. For a light canvas, two pieces will be quite sufficient;

— Hidden. This variety allows you to open the canvas by 180 g. In the position closed, the elements are completely unknown;

— Spring. Can be made of steel or brass. Also differ in height — 75, 100, 125 mm. Basically, this variety is produced in China, but at the same time is very good quality.

Where you can buy the cheapest option?

Contrary to widespread opinion, the most democratic prices for door fittings are set not in construction markets, but in specialized firms. The most expensive loops can be seen in stores selling doors. Moreover, the difference can be significant enough (up to 100%). However, in this case, the convenience is that the specialist can help the buyer to choose the most suitable elements for one or another canvas.

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