Improving the organization of labor

The basis for these calculations is the experience of advanced enterprises, as well as materials of surveys, development, etc. D.

Improving the organization of production and the introduction of advanced labor methods is the most important factor in increasing its performance. Therefore, when developing a plan for labor productivity, it is necessary to carefully develop organizational and technical measures aimed at reducing the number of workers who do not fulfill the production standards: increasing the budget of working time due to the reduction of downtime and non-proceedings; elimination of labor costs caused by deviations from normal working conditions.

When finding additional reserves of labor saving, the reduction in the number of auxiliary and auxiliary workers is important, the share of which at the enterprises of building materials is still significant. The indicator of labor productivity at the enterprise is calculated by dividing the volume of gross products into the entire list of workers, which includes auxiliary and utility: workers. Therefore, an increase in the number of this composition of workers, not related to an increase in the production of products, reduces indicators of the level of labor productivity.

The savings of labor under this article can be determined by calculating the reduction of excesses and the best use of utility and auxiliary workers. For example, groups of repair, mechanical, repair, steering, steaming and other auxiliary workshops, as well as production workshops, may not increase with an increase in production volume.

The calculation of labor saving by reducing the number of auxiliary and utility workers is carried out as follows. The number of auxiliary workers for the planned period is determined taking into account the effectiveness of measures intended for the introduction of auxiliary farm and individual auxiliary works, the combination of individual professions, revising the norms of equipment service, reduction of shift, etc.

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