Installation of hoods in the kitchen

Kitchen repair, this is not only the decoration of walls, ceiling and floor, this also includes the installation of kitchen ventilation. The kitchen hood is an indispensable element for the normal functioning of the kitchen, and in the studios rooms, it is difficult to do without hoods. It can be attributed to the type of air cleaners.

Various kitchen hoods can differ from each other in shape, noise level, functionality, design, but their main task remains unchanged. After choosing the optimal exhaust option that is right for you and your kitchen, you can start installing it. There are two options: when buying in the store, you will be advised by its installation services (most likely, paid or possibly free — depends on the services of the store), or another option, if you are sure of your capabilities, you can install an hood in the kitchen with your own hands.

To correctly install the hood, you need to know that all modern models of kitchen hoods can be used in two modes — air recirculation (using a coal filter), and for the removal of vapors, smoke and odors through the ventilation system.

Before you start installing a kitchen hood, without fail, re -read the instructions! If you have met not clear definitions and schemes, consult a specialist. Incorrect installation of a kitchen hood can cause a breakdown and loss of service rights.

And actually, the procedure for the installation of hoods in the kitchen with his hands:

Measurements. We mark the place where the hood will be located. We notice places for attaching dowels. We draw the contours of the openings for the air channel. It is important to note that the hood should be installed at a distance of at least 70 cm, if we are talking about electric plates and if the hood is mounted above the gas stove, then at least 80 cm.

Holes punching for access to the ventilation shaft. To do this, you can use an electric perforator or a special diamond cutter, which reduces the likelihood of cracks. It is important to note that when breaking through, it is necessary to provide the corresponding diameter of the hole in order to avoid reducing the performance of the extract.

Attaching the kitchen hood. We make holes for dowels in the wall. Using the bolts to the wall we fasten the support, we install the hood without a casing on them. It is important to note that it is necessary to ensure that the hood is installed horizontally.

Preparation of air duct pipes. We select the entire set of components and ducts for connecting to the ventilation shaft, in accordance with all pre -measurements made.

Connection to the ventilation shaft. First we install an exhaust umbrella, and then attach the output sections that are mounted sequentially. It is important to note that the smaller the knees and bends in the output pipe, the more efficiently the hood will work.

Electricity. After MI installed the hood in the kitchen with your own hands is completed, you can connect the hood to the mains.

It is important to note that in order to connect the hood to the mains, it is advisable to install a separate outlet and in order to comply with safety precautions to ground the hood.


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