Kitchen cladding

Naturally, any kitchen room has its own purpose.

Here foods are prepared and accepted, participants in any upcoming or past events gather at dinner, cases are being discussed here. Very often in this room in the kitchen they like to sit with friends for a cup of tea.

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The premises of modern cuisine are multifunctional, and of course it should look accordingly — beautiful, comfortable, comfortable. Everything here should be combined in a single harmony: accessories, decor elements and materials for facing work. And even if the kitchen room is filled with elite furniture, this will not brighten up the poor impressions of the walls painted with dark paint and a holey linoleum on the floor. For this reason, it is necessary to equip this room with the performance of repair work, in particular with the facing of the kitchen.

Since the kitchen mainly is the preparation and eating, it is necessary that materials are clean for finishing work, and are subjected to easy cleaning and washing. In addition, they are presented with such requirements as resistance to various temperature conditions, fire safety and, of course, attractiveness.

To date, many manufacturers are produced not dangerous for the human body of high -quality acrylic paints, with which the ceiling surface can be brought into a normal state quickly and with low costs. A good option, but more expensive, is to finish the ceiling with a decorative plaster or the device of a ceiling made of drywall sheets in several levels, but here highly qualified specialists can not do.

For the surfaces of the walls, a good, and at the same time, an inexpensive option would be wall decoration in the kitchen with plastic panels or acrylic -based paints, but one of the best materials traditionally used in the walls of the kitchen room is ceramic tiles. The process of laying ceramic tiles is quite laborious, and its cost is not small, but later the costs pay off in full. This type of finishing material is made of natural materials and meets all the requirements of hygienic norms. The tile has high resistance to chemical environments, temperature changes and does not support the combustion process. When choosing it, the consumer always experiences some difficulties due to its huge assortment.

Both for the surfaces of the walls and as a finish flooring, the best option is ceramic tile. The surface of the floor in the kitchen is subject to frequent pollution, and mechanical loads (falling kitchen objects, rearrangement of chairs, etc.D.), but all these actions are not afraid of her, due to high strength.

Today, for the cladding of the kitchen, the type of finishing material for floors, such as porcelain tiles, which is made of natural components (high -quality clay, mineral additives and pigments) by processing on press equipment with high pressure and further firing, has become widespread. This material is very durable, wear -resistant and is distinguished by magnificent aesthetic data.