Laminate laying

Before laying the laminate, you need to make sure that the concrete base is dry and even. If there are small irregularities, then they should be fixed. To do this, you can use self -leveling mixtures or lags.

The method of leveling with dry mixtures is very simple, it is necessary to add the right amount of water and stir with a construction mixer. Next, the prepared solution is poured onto the base and aligned. It is important that the floor is completely dry.

Of course, in order for the floors to look qualitatively and in harmony with the style of the interior, it is necessary not only to make the right styling — but also choose a high -quality laminate. Many recommend laminated floors of brand Tarkett. Reliable laminate Tarkett to buy in Minsk at affordable prices here you can choose a shade and a class of laminated floor. This laminate, the price of which is acceptable, is considered one of the best.

When aligning the floor with the help of lags, it is necessary to carefully conduct measurements so that there are no errors and irregularities. This design consists of supports and beams on which laminate is laid. They rise to the desired height. You can also change the tilt of the structure to create a flat surface.

Laminated panels are laid by a “floating” method, that is, they are not fixed to the base — they should not be glued or nailed. They also have the opportunity to expand. Therefore, it is necessary to leave a gap of 12-15 mm between different objects. These conditions should be taken into account at the very beginning of the calculation. If the width of the final row is less than 50 mm, then you can not start with a full panel (it must be trimmed). The temperature when performing work must be at least 18 degrees.

Before laying, it is necessary to spread a moisture -resistant film. Pieces of film should be laid on each other at least 20 centimeters and fixed with adhesive tape. This is necessary for all grounds, with the exception of wooden.

If a special substrate is used, then it must be laid in the same direction as the laminated coating. She must come close to each other.

It is necessary to leave grooves at least 2 centimeters between rooms and if the room is more than 8 meters. The extended gap must be closed with a suitable profile.