Laying chips

Lay the chip plates on the lags only if the distance between the lags is verified by calculation. As can be seen from the data, the chip plates have a small elastic module and with prolonged loads can bend. Therefore, it is better to lay the chips on continuous bases or on the lags on a rarefied plank flooring.

In this case, elastic gaskets with a thickness of 8-12 mm are laid under the lags, the lags are located at a distance of 30-40 cm from one another, and the space between them is covered with a layer of dry slag. When flooring on concrete slabs on the room, provided that the sound insulation of the overlapping in other ways, the chip plates can be glued directly to the ceilings using hot oil bitumen.

It is not recommended to use mastics containing water, since the lower surface of the plate will moisturize and swell. In general, the laying of the chips should be performed only on a certainly dry base, with a moisture content of 8-12%-in the foreign practice of the flooring of the floors to exclude the danger of moisturizing the plate on its lower side, a thin plastic film is glued (0.02-0.03 mm thick).

If necessary, to give the flooring soundproofing properties under the chip plate, the base of antiseptic wood-fiber insulating slabs 12-25 mm thick is laid. Plates are glued with hot bitumen mastic.

When flooring floor slabs on concrete rolling panels, the caissons are filled with dry slag or other loose materials. Sound -insulating elastic gaskets and then slabs are laid on the ribs.

With the flooring of the chips, the joined edges should be glued with K-17 with filler with filler (8-12% wood flour). Along the entire perimeter of the room between the wall and floor slabs, a gap 1-2 cm wide is left and filled with hot bitumen, which is then closed with a skirting board. This measure is necessary on the case of water leakage under the baseboard, which can lead to swelling of the edges of the stove.

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