Laying laminate yourself

Laminate laying should not seem difficult, or, conversely, simple. It has its own characteristics. Consider the features of this procedure.

one. First you should prepare the floor for styling. The base should be even. Swatings should be no more than 2 mm in width or length of the room (2 meters). The life of the laminate will decrease if the differences are more than 2 mm. 2 meters of length or width should be a slope of the base of not more than 4 mm.

One must deliberately relate to the base and not ignore this step, since then there may be problems. We must clarify which floor the laminate will be laid on.

If laying the laminate is carried out on the concrete floor, that is, several solutions. If the differences are small (1 cm) can be poured with a special mixture, called the bulk floor. Legs are more than 3 cm, you need to leve a screed (sand or dry).

If in the place where the laminate will be laid, there is already a coating (linoleum, parquet and others), then we must remember whether the initial conditions meet the requirements given above. If so, then you can apply a laminate on the old coating. If the requirements are not withstanded, you will have to remove the old coating and start from the first stage.

2. The flooring of the substrates.  The material of the substrate should be laid nearby, in the end, glued with tape. The substrate serves as noise insulation and retain the heat of the floor.

3. Laminate laying. The recommended way of laying for rooms is more than 30 kV. meters: diagonal laying. This method takes more funds, but it is more suitable for large rooms. It is advisable to start the laying procedure, provided that there is a few furniture in the room.

2 styling method: a laying option in a straight line, suitable for small rooms. Costs here are less than in the first method.

3 method: brickwork. The laminate is laid so that the seam of the end of the styling of the next row is located in the middle of the previous row. This is the most expensive way to lay laminate.

4 method: single floor. It is used to lay completely the entire apartment or house with preliminary leveling of the base of the floor surface.

There are other ways to lay a laminated coating, but it makes no sense to list them. Now you can safely be taken for flooring in the room!