Lighting a children’s room

The children’s room is multifunctional. For a child, a bedroom, a place for games and just a room in which he can create his own unique world. Therefore, here it should be considered properly artificial lighting, because not only the mood of the baby will depend on it, but also his vision.

It is worth noting that certain types of lighting are best suited for children of different ages. For example, the smallest children need a scattered soft light. That is why it is recommended to choose purchased chandeliers for the baby’s children’s room with a closed plafon. A small child who seeks to know the world can take an unusually bright light on the ceiling for hours, which will most negatively affect his vision.

If the child is older, it is advisable for his room to use the so -called zonal lighting. In this case, a nightlight is installed by the bed, individual lamps are mounted in the game and working area, finally, all this relieves the soft upper light, for which it is better to use halogen lamps.

In no case should you use dull energy -saving lamps or daylight lamps to create artificial lighting. Studies have shown that their radiation causes irritation in a subconscious level, leading to increased fatigue, depression and a serious visual impairment. Also, do not use beautiful crystal posters creating many glare that provide an increased load on the eyes.

As the lower light, it is necessary to use sources of a directed type. The table lamp should be on the left if the child is right -handed, or on the right, if he is left -handed. At the same time, she must have a lampshade so that bright close light does not injure her eyes. It should also be equipped with a flexible leg and a rotary tripod so that you can change the height and direction of the glow at any time.

Near the head of the baby bed, it is recommended to place a small nightlight in a closed case made of safe, unbelieving material so that the child at night can turn on the local light at any time. It will be just wonderful if such a nightlight has a brightness adjustment function.