Lighting in your house

Now we do not represent our life without lighting, we are used to it. And it would probably be difficult to do without lamps and chandeliers, without floor and table lamps.

If you select the lighting correctly, then this will help to emphasize the advantages of your interior. And hide some shortcomings, for example, if the room is not large. We have been given a large selection of all kinds of lamps. Using their use, you can change any interior.

If you have plastic or suspended ceilings in your kitchen, and you will choose the right lighting, then you can create a unique and individual design. First of all, calculate correctly how much you will need lamps. Where they will be located and what to look like.

It is best to use a suspended chandelier, as they are practical. Installation is carried out by hanging on a hook fixed in the ceiling. For him, a hole is made in the canvas.

You can also install spotlights in addition. They will divide the space into the zone different in functionality. This will be a great option for your decor.

The best way to illuminate in our time is LED ribbons. They are easy to mount in different designs, as they are flexible. They are economical and can last a long time.

You can also use fiber fiber. It is the “starry sky” that is made with a combination of fiber -fiber threads, internal backlight and photo printing on the canvas. All this will create a unique effect.

In order to create a cozy interior, you need to remember several rules. So that the ceiling seem higher than it really is, install lamps on the wall with a direction to the ceiling. If you install lamps on the ceiling and direct them on the walls, then the ceiling will be visually lower than. And if you want to increase the space, install lighting with a reflective effect.