Methods of glazing balconies

There are several ways to glaze balconies. One of them is a non -fair method, which has a number of positive points. So, a distinctive feature of this method of glazing is that glazing is carried out without vertical racks. This is the basis of the entire mechanism of the window. To open the glass wings, roller mechanisms are designed on the upper and lower profiles. After the opening of the extreme sash, which rotates and is an angle of 90?, The remaining sashs rotate in the same way, after the extreme returns to its place. Such a mechanism is very easy to handle, it is convenient to open it, the window opening becomes free, which allows you to choose the right mode for ventilation or cleaning of glasses from dirt and dust. The absence of frames is also considered the advantage of this method of glazing, which allows you to increase the review from the window, giving the windows a more modern aesthetic look. For non -ramous structures, high -quality profiles made of anodized aluminum are used. High quality of the material provides the strength of the structure. It is worth noting that this method of glazing is considered “cold”, since this material is a bad heat insulator. For the strength of the described glazing method, super -strength glass is used, which meet all standards of safe use. This means that in case of damage, the glass does not scatter like ordinary glass, since it is made using special technology, and the so -called “grid” does not give it to the fragments. The double -glazed window is fixed on the profile with glue, the seams are treated with a silicone sealant, protecting the window from water getting. Summing up, you can name the advantages of non -ramous glazing:

a wider review than with ordinary windows;

high illumination of the room in daylight;

selection of various ventilation modes;

noise insulation of the room;

The system does not depend on various weather conditions;

high degree of safety for glass damage;

simple care when cleaning glasses;

Practicality and aesthetics.

Nowadays, glazing of balconies with aluminum profiles, which are considered more reliable than wood and PVC, is very popular, since it is fireproof, does not oxidize, does not crack. This type of glazing is called cold, since insulation (heat -insulating gaskets) are not used when installing it). The design consists of one glass, it can be swinging or sliding. The swing form is a more complex design consisting of expensive components, compared with the sliding structure. The aluminum profile reliably protects the room from natural precipitation, well missing light. The advantage of sliding structures is that they do not take up much space when they open them. Minuses are poor thermal insulation, as well as the possibility of precipitation. For such designs, as a rule, holes for drainage are provided, otherwise, the wings will be poorly opened.