Old walls: repair, finish, demand

In St. Petersburg there is an interesting trend in the field of purchase/sale of real estate. So, despite the fact that there are not many foreign buyers of real estate in the St. Petersburg market, but they claim to buy old apartments in the city center. In addition, they are interested in old housing in the center of the Northern capital. Moreover, these categories of buyers create stable demand.

At the same time, apartments that are located next to historical attractions, objects of culture, as well as those apartments from the windows of which view the old center of the city and housing objects, which themselves are historical value (they lived in them, lived in them).They are repaired by modern technologies, put in order. Now, according to Indeal/Favours/Remont-Sten/Sankt-Peterburg, there are a lot of modern effective materials to put such apartments in order. And not at the highest prices. Interior old partitions after coordination with the designer of the project can be replaced with good soundproof walls that will allow you to live comfortably and spacious.

The peculiarity of old apartments is indeed a need for a major overhaul. So the walls of old houses require not only the outline, but also a serious repair — alignment, plaster, sometimes replacing. Especially when it comes to large multi-room apartments that were once divided into small rooms and used as communal housing.

True, it should be noted that this choice is due not only to historicity, but also by completely mercantile considerations, since the cost of apartments in the old housing stock is lower than in new buildings. For example, one meter square of old housing can cost from 90 thousand. rub. Moreover, this cost depends on how repairs are made in the apartment.


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