On the increase in prices for mayonnaise and the main reasons

According to the newspaper, manufacturers of the Sloboda, Ryaba, Astoria and Maheev brands warned about the increase in prices for mayonnaise, primarily due to inflation and rising costs

Essen Production AG, a major sauce manufacturer (Maheev brand), has warned retailers about a 5-10% increase in prices for mayonnaise and some other sauces due to an increase in the cost of the main ingredients, Kommersant writes with reference to the document. Its receipt was confirmed to the newspaper by two sources in large retail chains.

The cost of products for restaurants will also increase by 8-10%, including portioned sauces in a package of 10 g.

One of the interlocutors of the publication said that Efko (brand Sloboda) also notified about the increase in selling prices by 10%, and NMGK (brands Ryaba, Astoria) warned about indexation by 12%.

The prime cost of mayonnaise consists of 60% of sunflower oil, another 20-25% is packaging and eggs, follows from the data of the analytical agency OleoScope.

In the first week of August alone, the average cost of sunflower oil increased by up to 79.02 thousand rubles. per ton with VAT (plus 2.85 thousand rubles), and export quotations rose to $940 per ton (plus $30). Sunflower rose on average by 1.5 thousand rubles, up to 27.85 thousand rubles. per ton. As of August 10, 2022, oil cost an average of 73.6 thousand rubles. per ton, sunflower — 25.7 thousand rubles. per ton.

However, Sovecon believes that the increase in cost may primarily be associated with an increase in the cost of packaging and other materials for production, which depend on logistics and exchange rates. A similar opinion was expressed by the Director General of the Institute for Agricultural Market Studies Dmitry Rylko, he pointed out: «Prices for sunflower oil in Russia remain stable.»