One of the water treatment schemes at the oil and fat plant

Consumer demand for products of oil and fat enterprises from year to year only increases. Today in any store you can find several varieties of mayonnaise, margarine and spread from different manufacturers. All these products not only acquired more attractive packaging, but also began to be made according to various recipes. The assortment for the fat content of these products today is within the framework of 20% — 67%, in addition, manufacturers offer the consumer a fairly extensive choice of containers and packaging.

Why clean even tap water?

The quality of any products of oil and fat production is affected by several factors characteristic of each technology. These are the used raw materials, and the accuracy of compliance with the technology, and the sanitary conditions for the manufacture and storage of the product. Domestic manufacturers of mayonnaise and margarine are very popular among Russian buyers, since their goods are not inferior to foreign.

Many enterprises in Russia are actively reconstructed, new equipment and more modern technologies are being introduced on them. Old workshops are transformed by installing automated lines. Today, it is almost impossible to make quality food and drinks without using water treatment systems corresponding to the profile.

Equipment equipment is now an integral part and production capacities on oil and fat plants. Water treatment has become a full -fledged technological stage in the production of high -quality mayonnaise and margarine. Oil -fat products are produced on water that meets the requirements of GOST «Drinking water». This is, first of all, the water is safe and epidemiologically, and in chemical composition. It should also have worthy organoleptic properties.

Unfortunately, water from natural sources or water supply does not have such impeccable parameters today. Any resource in our time must be brought to mind using the appropriate water treatment system. In oil and fat production, water adjustment is carried out according to general stiffness, taste, color, smell. The task of technologists also consists in ensuring its microbiological purity.

Phased cleaning

As an example of a suitable water treatment system, you can take the installation operating on one of the oil and fat plants, which includes mechanical filtration filters, outdoor, softeners, installation of thin mechanical filtration and ultraviolet processing.

It is advised to start cleaning water here with preliminary mechanical filtration using self -wash mesh filters. At this stage, suspensions with particles of more than 50 μm are removed at this stage. Then a set of filters is connected to get rid of the resource from smaller mechanical particles and dissolved iron.

Technological water of this type should contain hardness salts at a level of not higher than 0.7 m-EKV/l. Softening — the next stage of such water treatment. Subtle mechanical filtering involves the use of filters with a degree of cleaning of 5 microns. And the process ends with disinfection due to the operation of an ultraviolet sterilizer that destroys not only viruses and bacteria, but also algae with fungi. UV gluttonities make it possible to disinfect without the use of reagents, so here the water does not change its taste and color.