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Bath of your dreams: how to choose and not make a mistake.

Whatever the design of the bathroom, it, as a rule, does not do without a bath. Of course, now there is a tendency to replace the traditional bath with a shower, but how can you deny yourself the pleasure of relaxing and enjoy swimming in a spacious bath? Almost every online plumbing store can offer a wide variety of baths from different materials, with different design and in a wide price range.

Baths from various materials: Favor Y En Contra

The most common materials that are used in the manufacture of baths are cast iron, steel and acrylic.

Cast iron baths are characterized by high strength and durability in operation, however, their significant drawback is a large weight that makes it difficult to install and replace. Por Otra Parte, due to some production features, cannot be achieved by a wide variety of shapes and design.

Steel baths are also quite durable, Aunque, which is much easier in weight than cast -iron. However, you need to use a steel bathroom carefully and carefully so as not to damage the enamel layer, otherwise a gap can form in the steel sheet at the scene, and the product will need to be changed.

Acrylic bathtubs are a relatively new product in the sanitary equipment market. Acryl is a light and extremely plastic material, so products from it can be made almost of any shape. Por Otra Parte, Acrylic bathroom products are much better than cast -iron and steel products hold heat.

Acrylic baths: We study more

The only drawback of acrylic is lower strength compared to products from other materials: it is easier to scratch or damage acrylic. The remaining characteristics are continuous advantages.

To begin with, the average weight of such a product is only 15-30 kg. This greatly facilitates its transportation and installation. Acryl is easily processed, so products from this material can be repaired: having simple tools at hand, you can independently remove a scratch or even a dent.

As already mentioned, acrylic products have low thermal conductivity, that is, water in them does not cool much longer. At the same time, even the walls of even an empty Acrylic bathtub are warmer to the touch than, por ejemplo, a steel or cast -iron, so you will be comfortable in it, even if it is not yet fully filled with water.

The inner surface of such an acrylic product is much more smooth, so that it remains less than the sediment. Por OTRA PARTE, over time, such a bath will not fade and will retain its original color for a long time.

With careful use, the service life of these products is practically not limited. The plasticity of this material allows them to give them a variety of forms, color and design.

Acrylic bath manufacturing technologies

Acryl is quite expensive, so most often the product is made not from pure acrylic. The inner surface is made of acrylic by hot molding, and then this layer is additionally strengthened: fiberglass, polyurethane foam, and in places of fastening of a metal frame — sometimes chipboard. The larger the number of layers, the stronger and more reliable the bath will be. Their number can be determined by considering the edge of the product.

If you are looking for a high -quality bath by visiting the online plumbing store, give preference to a product from cast acrylic, and not made of plastic with a thin layer of acrylic on the inner surface. Plastic baths are much worse than acrylic tolerate damage, temperature changes. They cannot be restored.

A real bathtub from acrylic when tapping makes a dull sound, and when pressed on the wall, it should not be deformed.

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