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Wallpaper for walls are a significant part of the interior, sometimes even act as the main highlight in room design. Therefore, starting to decorate the walls during construction or repair, it is worth the selection of wallpapers to pay special attention.

The modern market, in particular, the online store of wallpaper Topsantexnika, offer a wide range of various types of wallpaper, which differ from each other not only by pattern and color solution, but also in manufacturing technology, the quality of materials from which are manufactured, purpose, etc.P.

Varieties of wallpaper

• natural;

• textile;

• non -woven;

• acrylic;

• vinyl on paper or non -woven basis;

• The liquid wallpaper;

• metal;

• glass wallpaper;

• Wall murals.

Here is such a wide variety of wallpaper materials today. Therefore, before making an application to buy online wallpaper, for example, in the online store of wallpaper in Moscow — Topsantexnika, go to their site and carefully study the available products. Further, the article will give characteristics of some of the wallpaper, so that it is easier for you to navigate in their huge assortment.

Wallpaper characteristics and their purpose

Paper wallpaper

This can be said to be the most ancient type of wallpaper, but despite this to this day, these wallpapers are not small in demand to talk about them. This material for pasting walls is enough budget. When working with paper wallpaper, it is necessary to show special accuracy, not to overdo it with glue, since they have the ability to disperse upon receipt of excess moisture. And, as a result, every careless movement can provoke their impulse.

However, subject to all the rules of the stickers of such wallpaper, a decent result is obtained. And despite their rather low performance indicators (do not tolerate increased humidity and burn out from direct sunlight), they will still last you faithfully about 5 years.

The positive side of such wallpaper includes their environmental friendliness, they give, as they say, to breathe walls, do not affect the thermal conductivity of the walls.

The modern market is represented by several varieties of paper wallpaper, in particular: with a special coating that allows you to wipe them with a damp cloth, and the wallpaper of the duplex consisting of two paper layers endowed with the ability to muffle the sound. The double layer allows you to create bright volumetric patterns.


This is a modern and sought -after type of wallpaper, which consists of two layers: the lower — paper or non -woven and upper, which is a polyvinyl chloride film. A pattern or tightness is applied to the upper layer. Due to their embossed surface, it is possible to hide most of the shortcomings and irregularities of the walls. They are easily glued. Vinyl wallpaper is quite strong, moisture resistant, do not burn out pollution racks. And if necessary, you can even wash them.

Non -woven

These are new structural wallpapers with a non -woven base. Holesieline is a material that contains synthetic and tissue fibers with the addition of cellulose. Characterized by environmental friendliness and harmlessness for health.

The wallpaper is not subjected to shrinkage and do not stretch in different directions when gluing. Glue is applied only to the wall — this makes it possible to easily stick wallpaper on.

Glass wallpaper

This is a great option for painting. Non -toxic natural base — special glass fibers. Most often, such wallpapers are used in rooms for walls and ceilings, where special requirements are presented to the coating. The walls should be covered with durable, refractory material, not rotting and not moldy, wash well.

Without any problems, you will be able to buy wallpaper for walls in the store «Topsantexnika» . Here is a huge range of goods, and the online store of wallpaper accepts applications on its official website Topsantexnika around the clock.

Good purchases to you!