Phased construction — the key to a good result

No wonder the popular proverb says: «My house is my fortress!»because everyone wants his housing to be strong and reliable, able to resist any impact of the elements. Of course, no one needs fires and floods, but in order to be confident in your refuge, you need all issues related to the construction of the house to solve correctly.

The process of building housing consists of stages. The main stages of the construction of the house: development of the project, laying the foundation and carrying out the work of the zero cycle, the construction of the frame of the house and boxes, internal finishing and finish work.

Any new building begins with design. But before this, you need to evaluate and choose a land plot for construction, carefully familiarize yourself with climatic conditions, the state of the soil and the proximity of deep groundwater, otherwise the strength of the future structure may be in jeopardy. From the harmful influence of water will have to be protected. All nuances should be taken into account at the stage of compiling the project in order to correctly perform waterproofing: screen, penetrating or in the form of simple coating. All design of design — the main stage of the construction of the house threaten to turn into unplanned expenses and unaccounted for the cost of new housing. Many mistakenly believe that the project is needed to develop the original appearance of the structure, and do not know that the designers determine the load on the supporting walls; calculate the optimal scheme of engineering networks, choosing rational methods of isolation and communications.

At the next main stage of construction of the house, the foundation is laid — the work of the zero cycle is performed. This includes a vertical layout, digging trenches and pits, installation of piles and foundation blocks, laying engineering networks and pipelines, work on heat and waterproofing.

The construction of the frame and boxes of the building is also the main construction cycle. At this stage, ceilings between floors are built, staircases, door and window boxes are installed. After that, the pieces are placed and the roof is erected. If necessary, the building materials used are protected using special tools that improve their properties and increase reliability. The use of flame retardant paintwork materials, pastes and coatings positively affects the durability of the building. During this period, work is performed on the installation of electrical wiring and heating systems.

After the main construction cycle, they move to internal finishing work. At this stage, you need to adhere to a special order of actions, start with the ceiling and end with the floor.

At the final stage, which completes all construction, work is carried out on finishing painting, pasting and installing wall coatings. Interior interior doors, plumbing, electrical appliances and equipment are installed.

At the end of all the main stages of construction, it remains only to design the interior of the house and the appearance of the adjacent territory. You can put the site in order and give it the desired filling on your own or use the services of professional specialists in landscape design.