Planning of the premises

«According to the architecture of the house and its interior, one can tell about the character of a person, his lifestyle, tastes and habits,» psychologists say.

Lonely people prefer to choose small cozy houses, their design is most often either purely male or female. The male floor from its home makes a fishing or hunting house, and sometimes housing looks like a carriageway. In such rooms, all objects are at hand. The female floor wants to see their housing stylish and elegant, for this they are even ready to sacrifice many amenities. Designers noticed that women equip and plan the atmosphere of the house so that it is convenient for them to be there, and men choose and equip the house so that it can easily be converted if his marital status changes.

If a family lives in the house, then it is divided into several zones. This is done taking into account that every family member has its own corner where he could retire. Based on this, the house is bought with a large number of separate rooms. For large families, in which there are several age generations, there is a Townhouse. It is a complex of small one -story buildings located next to each other, but each house has its own separate yard. You can also find such a type of housing as Duplex — this is a type of townhouse, which consists of two separate sections, but has a common input. This option is ideal for a young family who live together with parents. They seem to live separately, but at the same time nearby.

The layout of the house and its interior directly depends on the marital status and lifestyle. But there are other reasons that affect the choice of interior design — this is the taste and characteristics of the character of a person. If a person is a conservative, then he will prefer a classic style. Many people think that the classic style is stucco on the ceiling, wooden panels, but this is not so. Modern classic style — it can be cottages with an alpine interior. There are a high basement in such houses, which is intended for household needs and a residential upper floor. Some chalet options have spacious terraces. It happens that one wall of the house is made completely transparent. Such houses are chosen by people who work for days in stuffy offices, or people who love nature and want to be as close as possible to it.

There are people who love not only functionality, but also external forms and paraphernalia. For such amateurs, designers absorb modern or art nuvo modern projects. These two styles are similar to each other and have plant forms. They can be found not only inside the house, but also on the street. This style is preferred by extraordinary and bright people.

There is another direction in architecture — this is a loft. It is a large box, inside of which a single space. Most often, loft are abandoned factories, factories. Their interior is characterized by an industrial style, pipes and ventilation boxes-airplaces retain in loft. In the modern world, the demand for this direction of architecture has grown very much, so the loft began to build. Loft are ideal for enthusiastic people, they make not only housing of them, but also create a working area.

Psychological factors play a big role in choosing housing and its internal interior.