Preparation of the premises for the installation of a stretch ceiling

The modern construction market is replete with various finishing and building materials. Despite this, most consumers give preference to suspended ceilings- /NATYAZHNIE-POTOLKI-V-BRONNICAH /. Such designs are in great demand today due to their high quality and degree of strength, a long service life and aesthetic attractiveness. This small article examines the preparation of the premises in detail, where it is planned to install a stretch ceiling, and the basic requirements that lighting equipment should meet.

Preparation of the premises

It must always be remembered that before the direct installation of a stretch ceiling structure, it is necessary to properly prepare the room. This process is usually carried out in several stages:

First of all, all carpets, floral plants, various household appliances, furniture and many other interior elements are removed from the room, which can become unsuitable when raising the temperature inside the room to +50 ° C.

At the next stage, the most free access to all walls along the perimeter of the room is ensured as much as possible. If any furniture remains in the room, then it is necessarily covered with either a film or a cloth.

The tightness of the free space located above the level of material of the ceiling structure is ensured. So you can avoid such an unpleasant phenomenon as air absorption.

The next stage is high -quality preparation of the ceiling surface of the room. During operation, it should not clog the tensioning blade of the structure, for example, pieces of wallpaper, plaster or dust, which can fall out of inter -blade seams.

It is important to know that all of the above recommendations and procedures are characteristic of installation in the room of polyvinyl chloride stretch ceiling, since the air inside the room and the film itself usually warm up to the required temperature. If it is planned to pull the canvas from the fabric that is not required, then there is no need to carry interior elements from the room — it is enough to cover them with some kind of film. Free access to all walls, as in the installation of a film ceiling, should also be provided.

Lighting devices

Before installing a stretch ceiling, you must think about the type of lighting, which is best suited for a particular room — when installation, holes designed to fix the chandelier or some lamp are cut directly on the material.

It is important to know that a stretch ceiling with high -temperature exposure can be deformed. Therefore, the maximum power for traditional incandescent lamps is 40 watts, and the halogen lamps are 35 watts. During operation, the temperature of the body of light -emitting devices should not exceed 60 ° C. If you plan to install devices that will be directed towards the stretch ceiling, then the distance from the canvas to the lamp should be equal to its power. For example, at the power of the 40 W device, its distance from the material should be 40 centimeters.

These were the main tips and recommendations for the preparation of the room for installing a stretch ceiling from fabric or PVC. After all these procedures, it remains only to choose the optimal design in cost, and order its installation at a convenient time for yourself. If all of the above rules, tips and recommendations are observed, then the stretch ceiling will be able to last at least 10-15 years.