Preparing for a grand event — building a house

Well, then, and finally, “happiness has fallen”, you became the owner of a land plot, which means that a real opportunity appeared to realize your dreams of your own house. However, in order to at the end of the path to realize a dream, you will not be at the “broken trough”, you should very seriously approach such a issue as preparation for construction.

First of all, it is necessary to call geodesists so that they marry your site based on the amounts in the state act.  If this is not done right away, then when your neighbors begin to be built, you may have problems, for example, you will have to endure the fence, or even buildings, since they will be on a foreign area according to the marking of the surveyors called by them.

So, we are doing topographic shooting.

It consists in the shooting of structures (communications) of both aboveground and underground. And the result of the shoot will be a plan of the area. The topographic plan, in fact, is a cartographic image in which the relief elements, layout of the area with buildings and structures placed on it are displayed and their technical characteristics.

The shooting is divided into stages:

• A mandatory requirement of cartographic and geodetic funds is a binding to a geodetic network (state). If the geodesic point is strongly removed, then additional measurements or positioning are required using satellite systems;

• the task of horizontal shooting is to determine the position of each object on the ground: including all buildings and other structures, coatings, individual trees, in general, any mark on the top planes must be confirmed by measurements;

• using vertical shooting, communications are determined, a natural relief and its technogenic forms are displayed;

• The shooting of underground communications and their coordination are also carried out, the position of which is determined by the tracelers. All materials and schemes are collected and systematized to coordinate the operating organization;

• cameral processing — that is, the creation of a topographic plan, and if special programs are used (a digital model is created), then a combined plan.

Today, topographic shooting is carried out using two technologies: manual (traditional) and electronic (modern).

Manual technology consists in conducting measurements using rolls, an optical device, then they are processed on a calculator, and the result is recorded on paper. With this approach, there is a high probability of errors. There are many reasons for this — incorrectly taken, errors during recording and subsequent entry of information when calculating. The material on which the boards is applied can also be subjected to deformations, and in the process of drawing the plan, distortions are also possible.

The electronic method is that the operator fixes the information using an electronic device, entering it to the reflector, and pressing several buttons. It should be noted that the device will not take the countdown if it is incorrectly entered.

At the end of the shooting, it is connected to the computer, where the results of its work are retained. A special program processes the information received and on its basis is topoplan.

Therefore, the use of the modern method allows you to get rid of the mistakes of the manual method, to reduce the time of measuring and other works when drawing up the plan do not do when binding objects on the ground, given that the designers use the same model.