Repair of stretch ceiling cuts

Stretch ceilings today are very popular both in the design of residential premises and the decoration of offices, which is associated with their excellent operational characteristics and aesthetic appearance. It is quite difficult to damage the stretch ceiling, but during the service life, anything can happen, after which the coating urgently requires repair.

Repair of cuts of the stretch ceiling can only be carried out if the cut from the edge of the canvas is at a distance of a maximum of 20 centimeters.

For repairs, high-quality super-cliffs, nippers, a hairdryer, a meter of antenna cable and a flat dumb object of 3 centimeters, which can be put in a groove in the groove, is required.

You need to start repairing cuts of stretch ceiling from the cable. First you need to glue a piece of cable 8-10 centimeters to the edge of the cut so that at least half of the cable is glued to the panel and it is located in parallel to the edge. Then you need to warm the canvas around the hole with a hairdryer at a distance of half a meter. It is advisable to keep the hair dryer under a small slope of 25 centimeters from the canvas. You need to warm up for 20 seconds, then — pull the cable to the edge of the groove with your hands. Next, the cable must be immediately filled with a blunt item in the groove.

If everything was done correctly, folds formed. In order to eliminate them and repair of the cuts of the stretch ceiling, it was performed high quality, you need to glue the next piece of the cable further, retreating from the edge of the first 2 centimeters, its glue in parallel that has appeared. Thus, gradually you need to carefully smooth out the folds, creating an even beautiful surface.

In the case when the cut is far from the wall, you can not do without calling the masters. In this case, the repair of the stretch ceiling will require the dismantling of the canvas. A patch is placed in place of the cut on the back, and then the ceiling is mounted again in place. At the same time, experienced craftsmen advise taking into account the size of the cut and the possibility of re -installation of the canvas, since in some cases it is much cheaper and easier to generally replace the stretch ceiling than to pay for the work of the masters and try to mount a redesigned canvas.

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