Restoration of capital facilities of industry news

Already this year, for the repair of Moscow architectural monuments, they invest an amount amounting to one and a half tens of billion rubles.

About a quarter of the indicated amount provides the federal budget according to the state program, the metropolitan authorities will send almost half. The rest of the funds, as the Minister of the Capital Government, Alexander Kibovsky, will act from different investors.

For the allocated funds, they will carry out a complete restoration of such objects, as well as individual works: roof replacement, metal casting for fences and the color of the facades.

Moreover, the range of restoration objects is significantly expanded. Когда раньше акцентировалось внимание на религиозных объектах, то сейчас реставрировать станут и гражданские сооружения.

The attractiveness of restoration

After the termination of contracts allowing to build on the territory of historical structures, investors pay more attention to old houses, which as a result of restoration are suitable for offices.

The Moscow authorities allowed to rent such buildings if investors are reconstructed in them. Such an offer aroused interest among businessmen, so they are actively participating in buildings rental competitions. Now the capital has almost five thousand such structures of cultural heritage, since they include religious objects, necropolises and monuments. Half of the structures are buildings, among which seven out of ten have a normal state, every fifth is emergency. Every tenth structure will soon experience restoration work. Now such actions are performed on almost three hundred objects.

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