Review of roofing materials

The most important factor in the longitude of the building is the reliability of the roof. It prevents the destruction of walls, protects the house from water, and also prevents the corrosion of the reinforced frame.

The material for the roof is obliged not to miss moisture, to be durable and tolerate the effects of various external factors.

In the modern construction market there is a wide selection of materials for the roof, which differ among themselves methods of installation and personal characteristics.

To really make the roof durable, it is necessary to understand various characteristics and features of roofing materials.

When laying the roof, asbestos slate, metal tiles, ceramics and bitumen are most popular. And now, about everything a little.

Slate, until recently, was the most common material for the roof. This material serves for a long time and is not destroyed under the influence of external factors — snow, rain, frost, wind.

Slate of asbestos is made, which does not melting and does not burn. Installation is the attachment of slate sheets to a wooden frame using bolts or nails. Among other things, slate is the cheapest roofing, as well as very fast in terms of installation (this takes about one or two days, depending on the size of the coating area).

The repair of slate coating is also extremely simple, and the service life of the slate is calculated for decades. The lack of slate is its fragility, during installation, as well as during transportation, it requires great accuracy. Glorus is also harmful to health, if when drilling it gets into the lungs, then it can cause the causes of chronic diseases.

Metal tiles are very widely used in construction, mainly due to the strength of the metal. It is made of sheet steel with anti -corrosion coating.

Metal tile does not require careful attitude and weighs a little. The roof of metal tiles is collected quickly enough and does not require the help of qualified specialists.

Depending on the type of coating, the metal tile is polymer (expensive, but more long to use, does not destroy) and galvanized (cheaper, but the coating is destroyed after time). The cost depends on the thickness of the metal. The service life of such a coating reaches 15 years.

More modern materials made on the basis of bitumen are highly durable and durable. They include about 30 percent of polymer additives that increase their strength and change the mechanical properties. Fiberglass is most often used as the basis.

Roofing soft materials based on bitumen are delivered in sheets or rolls. If there is a special need, then the repair can be carried out on one separate section of the roof.

Such a coating is highly tight and fits on a roof of any shape under any slope.