Roof waterproofing and waterproofing materials

It is very important to protect the roof from the harmful effects of external factors, one of the main such factors is the effect of moisture on the roof. This effect can lead to failure ahead of time and corruption of the roof. In order to eliminate the harmful effects of moisture when it is accumulated in the undercarbon space and to prevent leaks, it is necessary to correctly perform work on the waterproofing of the roof, t. e. perform sealing the roof.For this, roofing sealants are used, which have properties that allow you to work efficiently and quickly, as well as eliminate the shortcomings. You can apply them in the new buildings under construction and when repairing already operated.Such sealants do not use special preparation or heating. The characteristics of roofing sealants allow you to make substances safe and strong during the constant exposure of a variety of harmful factors. This will ensure reliability, durability.High -quality sealant allows you to withstand temperatures from -40 to + 40 degrees. And this property allows its use in different climatic and temperature zones.Good waterproofing.

Good waterproofing results are given by the sealant with a layer of about one and a half centimeter.In the air, the sealant, interacting with it, forms a layer of high strength.There are different roofing sealants and adhesives, which are based on MS polymer. Such sealants have the best properties compared to sealants based on polyurethane. This is manifested in the fact that sealants based on MS-polymers do not form bubbles and are not subject to shrinkage. Such sealants are safer because they do not use solvents and isocyanitis.Also, the use of sealants based on MS polymers is less costly, since there is no need to pre-primer the surface. These sealants still have very useful properties such as adhesion and inertia to the grounds made of different materials.

Sealants based on MS polymers.

Hermatics based on MS-polymers are used in sealing the joints of roofs, a frail roof, joints of the roof with walls and pipes.For waterproofing soft roof, gluing parts of the coating and roofing, a bitumen roofing sealant is used. It can also be applied to a wet surface, it is also resistant to aging.For long -term and not requiring large expenses of roof operation, it is very important to choose the right sealant correctly. The use of sealants as waterproofing material is becoming more and more in demand. Given such an increasing interest in sealants, industry has established the release of various materials used in waterproofing. The choice of a particular material also depends on the type of roof (it is flat or has slopes).As in other cases, it is necessary to choose sealants, known brands and proven well -proven firms.

To seal the roof, it is necessary to have experience and skills in such a matter. Incorrectly performed sealing can lead to a violation of the roof, moisture penetration under the roof in the joints. And this will require additional costs to eliminate the flow.Therefore, it is better to entrust sealing to proven high -class specialists.