The device of artificial reservoirs

Decorative ponds, fountains, waterfalls and other water elements are distinguished by exotic design and originality. Water element will necessarily attract the attention of any visitor to the garden. The unique spirit of romance and mental peace will allow you to qualitatively improve rest in the fresh air. Not all owners of personal plots can enjoy the proximity of natural water sources: a pond, a lake or a river.Do not put up with such a state of affairs, because you can correct the situation and create an artificial reservoir. A variety of materials and additional decorative elements when using the necessary equipment allow you to successfully introduce an artificial reservoir in almost any design. Often such water bodies are used in the internal, winter garden. Then, to maintain the climatic atmosphere around it, it may be necessary to install Fancoil Price and subsequent service.

At the first stage, functional affiliation, shape and parameters of the water element are established. At the second stage, excavation is carried out with the installation of waterproofing. Then decorates with the choice of design and materials for the most harmonious fit into the general concept of the garden. The reservoir can adjust other landscape forms and give a holistic appearance. As a result, there is a visual expansion of space and an increase in the volume of the garden. During the design, cascades, islands, bridges, flooring and garden statues can be used.


This is the easiest and most affordable option. The construction of streams is carried out on separate zones of the garden, for example, on slopes or in climber projects. The work of the closed cycle of the stream occurs using special equipment: pumps and pumps. The correct selection of gravel, stones and plants plays an important role when installing a stream. Carefully think through the design and location. You can simulate a small mountain flow with a rocky bottom and a strong current.

The fountain

A rather spectacular way to design a garden. A variety of nozzles for the formation of vertical water jets, light and sound accompaniment allow you to revive and give originality to the garden.


If the area of ​​the site allows, then you can install a waterfall. Waterfalls can be single or located a cascade, complementing each other. For the effect of naturalness, a minimum height of about 2 meters is required. Control of the shape and size of the waterfall occurs due to the choice of drainage.


The most diverse and common artificial reservoir. It has the presence of a special microworld filled with its own plant and animal life. Ponds in their appearance are divided into two options: with a correct, round, triangular, square shape and with an arbitrary natural outline. The coastal line is strengthened from small (pebble) or medium stone (cobblestone).

It is very important that the size of the reservoir guarantees the active functioning of life forms and does not allow water to bloom. The minimum area should be at least 3-4 kV.m., depth of more than 0.5 m. The reservoir must be regularly cleaned, for these purposes it is worth purchasing additional equipment, as well as take into account recommendations for the selection and placement of plant flora.