The interior of a one -room apartment

For a one -room apartment, it is best to use light soft tones, which will make it possible to conditionally spread the entire room.

The first thing to do is equip the hallway of a small apartment. In order to form a convenient and favorable hall of the hall, you can use all kinds of finishing building materials (for example, Bayramix, Petramix, staining wallpapers, various wall panels, etc. You can purchase a small cabinet with hangers and a mirror to store clothes. But buying minimum dimensions should be bought in the hallway. The hallway should have suitable lighting and a good wall covering, easily washing from spots and dust.

Attractive texture of materials, all kinds of colors of flowers make walls also very practical.

It is best to build a hanger from horizontal strips, strengthening them on the wall. The upper can be used for hooks, and the lower one will protect the wall from clothes. Left or right between the strips you can place a mirror compiled completely in this size. The design will be complemented by the P-shaped frame, which must be strengthened on the lower bar under the mirror. Such a bar is designed for umbrellas. Instead of a frame, you can install a small shelf for the phone.

In a one -room apartment, a significant functional load carries a kitchen — the cooking area and its intake. First you need to select a place for the refrigerator. Then you should install the desktop with dishes, washing, gas or electric stove. A very popular type of furniture is a kitchen corner, which will allow you to create coziness and comfort in a small space. The design of the seats placed at an angle allows you to store economic supplies in them. A delicate color scheme of walls with bright color of kitchen equipment looks very elegant in the kitchen. You can create comfort in the kitchen by pushing the walls with detergents or painted wallpaper to the ceiling. The ceiling can also be tone the wallpaper, except a little lighter. A great option would also be a combination of contrasting colors. The part of the wall to which the plate, washing and the table adjust, is usually finished with ceramic tiles. The best material for the floor will be tiles of delicate light tone. In a modern kitchen, often installed a suspended ceiling from the racks, into which lamps are inserted. You can decorate the room with curtains, lamps and other decorative elements. The curtains are best chosen from cotton, staple or linen. At their expense, standard kitchen equipment is mortgaged. The color and pattern of curtains depend on the total color of the dwelling.

The living room should be combined simultaneously a bedroom, a living room, as well as an office. Furniture should be universal so as not to clutter up space. This option is built-in furniture-a universal cabinet, most often installed in the end of the room. All furniture and equipment can be removed into it. It needs to be counted on a minimum of four separate sections, where you can clean two beds, a table, bookshelves and another. Clothing and personal items can be stored in the same closet.

The main area of ​​the vertical wall is occupied by a folding bed, the main element of which is the design of the hinge. The ease of movement of the bed body will depend on his work. There is another type of bed — a bed with a spring shock absorber, which slowly tilts the bed to a horizontal position. This design consists of a pipe in which a spring with a rod is located. This rod is connected to the end wall of the bed using a bracket and a bolt.

In order to save the area, you can put sliding doors. Harmoses doors can also be installed in the kitchen.

When the bed is cleaned in the cabinet during the day, the room becomes the living room. Furniture shields are attached to the outer surfaces of the cabinet, turning when leaning into the table. How the supports here are two legs, which are extended from the plane of the wall wall. Folding chairs can be stored in the side sections of the cabinet. You can also clean the workplace arranged on one of the inner surfaces in the wall. The table shield is attached on metal hinges. The cost is fixed using special consoles. The size of the table can be doubled: it is necessary to throw back the second shield to the left and fix it with the second console.

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