The interior of a wooden house

In the modern world, with its abundance of iron and concrete, a person is increasingly thinking about becoming closer to nature. If you are not able to break out of a uninhabited island due to some circumstances, something should be changed around.

Therefore, people are increasingly preferring to use natural materials in everything, in construction, including. And what could be better at home, built of such live and warm material as a tree?

The house made of wood helps his owner feel comfort and warmth, and also heals the body. To make the house as comfortable as possible, you need to think through the interior that will be close to the owner, will be able to reflect his inner world and interests. If everything is done correctly, you will get a harmonious image of the house, developed taking into account the individuality of your tenant.

The interior of the house is largely determined by the design of the walls. The walls of a wooden house are often left without finishing. Looks beautiful and spectacular, and decent savings. The texture of the tree is so good that it does not require painting, pasting or finishing with panels — it itself is capable of carrying interior function. And since any tree is individual, the interior becomes unique.

Consider the most common options for designing wooden houses.

Adherents of traditions can turn to the style of «Russian hut». The ceiling is painted with bright ornaments, we hang up paintings with landscapes on the walls, cover sofas with motley national blankets … Various folklore objects will fit perfectly: chests, samovars and shops. As a decoration, you can use wood thread.

The interior is ready. You can also make a hunting dwelling, decorating the walls with animal stuffed. Here, that someone is closer.

Alpine wooden house in the style of «chalet» — reliable protection from winds and snow in the mountains. It is characterized by large logs of the interior walls, the presence of internal balconies, cladding with a stone, as well as a bear skin on the floor.

The Scandinavian style house will be practical and functional. The walls in such a house are smooth, covered with lining. The furniture is simple and functional. Everything is decorated in light colors. A very popular style — pure simplicity.

If you are not ready to abandon modern technology, then you can design a house in the style of «high -tech modern». The internal space of such a house is voluminous, traditional flat ceilings are absent. Huge windows, glass doors provide an abundance of light.

Combined walls. On the background of a tree, high-tke lamps look great. Furniture is prepared according to exclusive orders, and all materials are selected so as to move away from the established standards. Your guests will be surprised and interested.

To decorate a country house, paintings with motives of rural life, still lifes and landscapes, as well as hunting trophies are often used. All this is done by the interior of a wooden house memorable.

If several people live in your house, you can safely mix various styles. Then accommodation will be comfortable for all members of a large family.