The interior of the bathroom

When choosing furniture for the bathroom, the following circumstances must be taken into account. It is necessary to take into account the dimensions and shape of the room, because when its furniture should be provided with plumbing objects of the functional space. For toilet, washbasin, as well as a bidet, space should be 80 cm width and 110-115 cm before the device; for a bath you need to provide a space of at least 70 cm of the front part. It is best to buy furniture with rounded corners, capacious and at the same time compact. Details of the furnishings for the bathroom need to count on the operating situation. If wooden furniture items must be treated with water -repellent varnish or appropriate coating.

Bathroom repair is very quickly produced due to high temperature, steam and moisture. The external decor should be durable, waterproof and easily detergent. You can not use wallpaper without coating, emulsion matte paint, metals prone to corrosion. All seams and cracks should be well closed with silicone sealant or other sealing agent.

No need to purchase a large number of bathroom items so as not to clutter it up. You can do without furniture by purchasing only accessories, but it is very convenient to have cabinets in the bathroom where the necessary gizmos will be preserved from dust and water.

The traditional for the bathroom is the blue-blue gamut, which is associated with purity and freshness. However, you can use another tonality: you can use warm colors, soft pastel shades that will make the interior air. Furniture can be chosen yellow, cream, peach flowers, if desired, you can use even bright colors in the bathroom. But, as a rule, the situation in the bathroom is performed in snow -white colors.

In order to increase the space, you can install a high and wide cabinet for storing bath accessories. You can install a shower cab, neat shells, elegant furniture, but at the same time save money on flooring, choosing, for example, a vinyl coating. The bathroom should be functional, so shelves and stands for bathrooms should be used. In order to add a little chic to the bathroom, you can use chrome, sparkling glass tiles and mirrors. Natural natural accent creates bamboo ceiling processing and tiles with imitation of river pebbles. If the floor in the bathroom is made of mosaic, then non -slip supplements should be added to it.

The cheapest and easiest way to finish the walls of the bathroom is paint, but only if the walls are even and neat. Do not use shower wallpapers, it is best to use plastic, unprecedented glass or tile. You can also use dodgy boards that can be made waterproof using polyurethane varnish.

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