The necessary repair of air conditioners

When operating the air conditioner, it is advisable to carry out preventive work that will allow him to work for a long time and without breakdowns. But there are situations when the air conditioner still broke. What to do in such situations? First of all, do not panic and check what is the breakdown. Can, for example, clog a filter, and such a breakdown can be eliminated with your own hand. If you are not able to eliminate the breakdown, and you cannot determine what is the matter, contact the service of the air conditioners. In no case do not try to eliminate the breakdown of the mechanism that you do not understand. This can only aggravate the situation, in addition, when trying to repair the air conditioner, you will lose a guarantee for the entire split system. Typically, masters of the technical service service come to the facility within a few hours after calling.

The technical support service can provide you with a wide range of services from professionals in their field. The master can determine on the spot the cause of the air conditioning breakdown, or, in rare cases, pick up the block to identify the causes of the breakdown. Usually does not reach this, but sometimes it still happens. The elimination of problems can also be performed on the spot, or in a specialized workshop. First of all, in the workshops, a refueling of the air conditioner is refueling in the event that it is not enough, as well as the elimination of freon leaks, which causes a rapid exhaustion of this gas air conditioning for the functioning. Also, experts can disassemble the internal or external air conditioner unit on the spot, or clean the heat exchanger or drainage from all kinds of blockages. The drainage system can be repaired without leaving the object. Basically, air conditioning repair services will cost the owner of the air conditioner about 300 hryvnias, and very rarely more.

Do not forget that some repair work is necessary even with the most reasonable use of the air conditioner. For example, a refueling of the air conditioner Freon is necessary at least once a year. In the absence of refueling for two years, split-systems can lose its properties or fail. Also regularly monitor the cleanliness of filters, on which dust and dirt accumulate over time, and it must be eliminated with regularity at least once a month. True, if the split system is rarely used, then the filter can be cleaned with a slightly less regularity.

Avoid improper use of the air conditioner. To do this, read the user’s instructions, it will help determine in what conditions the air conditioner should be operated, and in which operation should be avoided. For example, the work of the air conditioner in great frost is undesirable, as well as air cooling at ambient temperatures below +16 ° C. It will be useful to disinfect the air conditioner by processing its internal part with a special antibacterial agent. This will help to avoid the appearance of an unpleasant odor from the air conditioner body.