Two -level stretch ceilings are a rather convenient solution for the design of almost any interior.

The pluses of stretch ceilings

This design option allows you to hide all the defects of the ceiling and communication, such as wiring, ventilation or heating.

The possibility of implementing many design ideas.

Separation of a large room into zones.

We should not forget that a two -level ceiling is able to save you from flooding with your neighbors. In addition, if you use original and uniform lighting, then it is quite possible to limit yourself to such lighting and not use bulky chandeliers. For example, you can make fibers that will resemble a starry sky.

Two -level stretch ceilings visually increase the volume of the room, make the room lighter, and the room is comfortable. Such ceilings can be used in any room.

They look very good in the hall. This is usually the largest room in the house. And with the help of two -level paintings, it can be divided into several autonomous zones. In this case, you can use contour backlight, press parts of the ceiling and apply other unique forms.

To build such a ceiling, it is not necessary to use drywall. Often you can do exclusively with a film, while combining colors at your discretion. But do not forget that two-level ceilings are made only by individual order, because of this, their cost is certainly higher.

Installing a two -level stretch ceiling is a rather complicated process. Therefore, this work should only be carried out by highly qualified specialists.

The installation of the ceiling takes a little time — from 3 hours to a day.

Such a ceiling is perfect for home with low ceilings. In this case, smooth transitions should be made to visually expand the volume of the room.