Types of electric drills.

No construction and no repair in the modern world is possible without using a power tool, especially a drill.

The choice of drift models today is simply huge, and it is not easy to figure it out. But it is necessary to do this, because every man at least once in his life, but he will definitely hold this tool in his hands.

So, firstly, the drills are electric (eat from the network) and battery (with autonomous power), single-speed and multi-speeds. Some of the drift models provide the opportunity to smoothly adjust the rotation of engine rotation.

By the method of operation, drills are divided into the following groups:

— unstressed drills. This is the very first type of invented drifts, but despite this, it still holds a leading position and the reason for this is the reliability and simplicity of the design. Unstressed drills allow you to drill geometrically precise holes.

— shock drills. This, so to speak, is already a “younger brother” of a punch, because in addition to the rotational movement, he also performs a shock. This allows you to drill holes in concrete and bricks. The function of impact in such models can be disabled (when drilling a tree, for example), but the accuracy will still remain lower in the shock drill than the unstressed.You may also be interested in sofas at the optimal price.

— Corner drills. This instrument of a special design (the cartridge is located at right angles to the drill housing) is not purchased for the home. It is mainly used by professionals forced to work in constrained conditions for a long time.

-Drill Mixer. From the name it is already clear that the main purpose of this drill is to mix building mixtures. She can also drill wood or plastic.

— Drill-shuruvret. The functions of this tool are twisting all kinds of bolts, screws, etc.P. As a rule, screwdrivers work on the battery.

Also drills are divided into household and professional. The latter are more expensive, because the requirements for them are presented strictly. A professional tool is ready for many hours of loads in conditions of increased concentration of construction dust.

If you have to use the drill only a couple of times a month, then do not overpay. Your choice will be a simple household tool.