Veneered doors

Own doors are an excellent analogue of doors made of whole wood. Data doors from MDF sheets are performed on a wooden frame, on top of which a leaf veneer is glued — a thin cut of natural wood. On top, such doors are covered with a special protective coating, which can be varnish, paint, special impregnation. Sponge doors have a number of advantages: they are made from environmentally friendly material using modern technologies, which provides high quality doors; Their cost is much lower than natural wood doors.

At the same time, the use of veneer creates the desired effect of natural wood, which gives the doors a noble look and allows you to arrange them with different interior items. The variety of veneer colors and the original design of the veneered doors makes them very attractive for apartments. Another important characteristic of the veneered doors is the simplicity of caring for them and simple rules for cosmetic repairs.

How to care for veneered doors

Caring for the veneered doors is simple and accessible to everyone, here are its basic rules.

Before installing such doors, it is necessary to ensure the possibility of their adaptation to the conditions of the room in which they will be, for which it is recommended to place the doors in this room a week before installation. This period is sufficient to add veneer to the atmosphere and to other conditions of the room (humidity, temperature regime). Such a simple technique is a guarantee that after installation, the veneered doors will not be disturbed and will not break out.

It is necessary to carry out wet cleaning of the veneered doors. At the same time, it is not recommended to use active chemicals for washing, since it is possible to harm a special upper coating that serves to prevent wear. It is recommended to wash the doors with clean water, and use soap water with strong contaminants. After which the doors must be wiped dry with a well -squeezed soft cloth. In no case do not allow cleaning the doors using abrasive materials, since this will lead to rapid damage to the upper coating. When cleaning the doors, it is necessary to pay attention and clean the fittings, for which to wipe the hinges, door handles, and timely lubricate the loops and lock.

It is periodically necessary to carry out cosmetic repairs (restoration). To do this, you will need a furniture polish or furniture varnishes (transparent or tinted, depending on the goals of restoration). With the help of these means, minor defect formed during the operation of the doors, small scratches can be corrected. In this case, furniture varnish or polish must be applied only to the places of existing defects. It is possible to completely update the veneered doors by applying a polish or varnish to the entire surface, it will take much more time, but will also give the desired effect — the doors will become like new. Thus, the cosmetic repair of the veneered doors is available to everyone and does not require appeal to the services of specialists.

Timely and proper care of the veneered doors will avoid expensive repairs.