Wall decoration using decorative plaster

The finishing of the walls in an apartment or house is a rather time -consuming and painstaking business. The surface of the walls of the walls is very large, and the process of decoration itself requires a lot of effort and time. In addition, wall decoration involves the presence of decor elements, and usually the owners of the house want to make the walls look spectacular as a result. You can glue the walls with wallpaper, the offer of which in the building materials market is very great. And you can apply new materials and technologies for decoration, one of which is decorative plastering walls. Very often the entire class of materials for such wall decoration is called Bayramix, according to the first of the decorative plasters offered by the market. Such material consists of acrylic polymer and filler. As a filler, marble crumbs are most often used, which is granulated and painted in the desired color before adding to the plaster. This plaster can be applied to any surface, whether it be drywall, concrete or wood. The material is durable, it “breathes”, is environmentally friendly and neutral in relation to any external environment. You can work with a Bayramik type coating at a temperature of 5 to 25 degrees, its application does not require other skills, except for ordinary painting. Errors and small irregularities of the walls do not play a special role with such decoration, it perfectly masks them. After drying, the decorative plaster looks very beautiful, creating an imitation of a mosaic surface, which can even be varnished in those rooms where the walls easily dirty. Over time, manufacturers began to use other fillers in order to increase the decorative of the finish. Venetian plaster at present, which is often called artificial marble, has appeared. It consists of a water emulsion based on lime and marble flour and is applied to several layers. A smooth and transparent upper layer of such a decoration creates an imitation of natural, noble, as if flickering marble. For such plaster, careful preparation of the walls is required, their surface should be even and smooth, but such a spectacular finish is worth it. With the help of decorative or textured plaster, experienced craftsmen performing apartments

, can create art panels on the walls. The selected drawing is transferred to the wall in the form of a diagram, then plaster is applied to it, giving the volume and relief the desired details of the panels, which are finally painted in the corresponding plot. You can apply a voluminous fantasy ornament to the surface of the wall, trimmed with plain decorative plaster, which will be very strong after hardening. Ready -made types of plaster that do not require additional surface processing after applying the material, there is also a lot of. They are called respectively the effect that is created with their help — sponge, shagren, soft gold, oak bark, wet silk and so on. The coating tolerates moist cleaning with detergents, does not absorb odors and has soundproofing properties. Decorative plaster is a modern material that meets all the requirements for the decoration of residential premises.