Ways to install loops on the door

Although at present in many apartments and houses they install finished doors, there is often a need to independently install a wooden door. The installation of door loops is not a too difficult task and its installation can be used to use the minimum number of tools.

In order to install the loops on the door, you will need screws (6-8 pieces) per loop, from 3 to 5 cm long, a cross screwdriver, a drill and a thin drill (1-2 mm), a hammer with a chisel.

You must remember that the loops for doors are right and left. You need to choose loops that allow the opening of the doors in the required direction. You need to observe attentiveness when choosing, so it is easy to make a mistake quite easy. To exclude mistakes, you need to take the loop in your hands, open it and imagine how you will install it. Which part is installed on the door jamb, and which door and how the door will be opened and how.

Install the door on the side, and up the side where you will fasten the loops. You need to take part of the loop designed for installation on the door, attach it to the right place about 40 cm from any edge and circle it with a pencil. Next, do neatly stripping the outlined area approximately the thickness of your loop. Do this work responsibly so as not to make the groove deeper than you need. A chisel can be replaced by a blade from a rubbish, the width of which will make it possible for a quick and accurate completion of this work.

Screw the loops on the door. To facilitate the task, place a place for screws on the door. Next, using the drill and a thin drill, you need to drill holes in the marked places.

Twist the screws, lubricating each of them with soap, which will help to facilitate their tightening. Next, perform the door installation in the doorway, under it you need to lift it to a height of about 5 mm, and perform a mark of 2 parts from the loops on the door jamb.

Remove the door to the side and set the loop on the jamb, taking into account the abandoned tags. Perform it with a pencil. The same method should be used to install the 2nd loop, then you need to make a place for installing loops. You also need to carefully monitor the groove so that it does not turn out to be anymore, because of which the door will stop closing, and you will have to reinstall all the loops to another place.

After arranging the grooves, tighten the loops into the screws. Next, do the door hanging. This must be done with an open door. It is more convenient to carry the door to together in order to simultaneously achieve the combination of both loops of the upper and lower. With correct actions, there should be normal closing and opening the door. However, situations often arise when the door can be completely closed only when exposed to it, and loops are cut. This is due to contact during the closing of the door of the screws that rise above the hinges. To eliminate this problem, you need to open the door and slightly wind the screws of the screws. It is very convenient to use a small electric sharpener for this.