Ways to rub the floors

Ways to rub the floors

Paul rubbing is an alternative to varnishing. The application of varnish to the floor is more popular, unlike rubbing. Lacing can be performed once in two years, and rubbing must be carried out more often. However, rubbing has its advantages. Under mechanical loads, the varnish can occur, but the mastic can withstand these loads without visible damage to itself.

You need to choose a mastic that is suitable to grate your floor. At the same time, make sure there is or absence of water or organic solvents in its composition. Mastic, having a water base is not suitable for arranging a wooden floor (excluding oak parquet). They are designed to rub the floor that has a non -absorbing surface (linoleum, laminate). Mastic based on organic solvents is designed to rub parquet and unpainted wood and is not suitable for a plastic floor. Pay attention to the compatibility of the composition of the new mastic with mastic, which was used earlier.

Preparation of the floor surface for applying mastic. It must be sprinkled, remove the spots of fat, on wooden coatings they can be removed using a solvent (turpentine, gasoline). To clean the floor, it is necessary to use cleaning products intended for this. After performing wet cleaning, the floor must be dried.

Start applying mastic to the floor surface. The mixtures have different density, so you need to use different tools to apply it, including a hard brush, spatula or fabric. If the rubbing of the floor has already been carried out, it may remain space on which the old layer of mastic is completely preserved. In this case, you need to limit yourself to applying mastic in the areas where it was erased. On wooden floors, rubbing the mixture must be performed along the fibers. Based on the composition, which has mastic and floor material, which affects the degree of absorption of the mixture, you will have to apply the mixture several times after certain periods of time. For some mastics, preliminary grinding is required in the intervals between its application. These points are reflected in the instructions from your mixture. You must try to fulfill all these requirements.

Start polishing the floor surface. To do this, you can use a woolen rag or special brush. Very convenient are brushes that are equipped with a load and a handle, which crushes them to the floor surface. A faster and more convenient way for rubbing the floor is to use an electric floor equipped with a set of brushes, which are designed for various functions including mastic, as well as in order to perform preliminary and finish polishing. Rubbing must be performed with passes or narrow stripes. After the end of the polishing of one strip, you need to go back to preserve the same direction of polishing and begin to hire the 2nd strip near the first. The polishing process should be carried out until the mastic is completely spread through the floor. With an excess and thick layer, it is possible to wrinkle the surface.