We decorate your site

Who would not want to purchase a finished project of a house with beautiful lawns and a pond on the territory? Unfortunately for many, not everyone can buy it. Therefore, try to independently organize your paradise island, where it will be comfortable to live and relax. First, think about how you would like to place everything. If the house has already been repaired, we will only deal with the territory. After consulting with specialists, we buy seeds in bulk for planting a flower alley.

On the site you can independently make the following natural elements:

Lawn grass.

Trees. Both fruit and as a shady crown.

Flower flower beds and alleys.

Artificial pond.


As an example, you can use the magazines on landscape design and view possible options. After that, make a decision that you will master yourself and that you alone cannot do it.

We are looking for help to realize a dream

If, for example, you decide not to sow the lawn, but to buy a ready -made roll, then here you can use the services of a specialist in preparing the area of ​​the site in order to catch the land evenly. It is clear that you can water watering yourself with the necessary regularity.

But as for the artificial pond, you can try to organize it and.

For this, you just need the following items:

Old big tire.

Polyethylene film.

Stones on the bottom of the pond and for the shore (you can use pebbles).

Algae and fish.


Preparation does not happen easier. Web a hole with a diameter with a car cover, lay it inside its plastic film, which will be placed at the bottom of a dug recess, and fix the tire on the surface. Fall asleep and bottom with stones, pour water from the hose to the required level. We lay out algae and run the fish. The natural oasis is ready.