We equip the kitchen

Probably the favorite place of all households is the kitchen. Every new day begins here. It is breakfast that sets the tone for the whole day and it is very important that this beginning is pleasant. The kitchen attracts us with wonderful aromas, and if there is coziness and order there, and every detail harmoniously fits into the interior, then every morning will certainly give us a smile. In the evenings, returning from work or study, the whole family is going here to share the impressions of the living day at dinner. Agree, such warm conversations positively affect family relationships. And if we receive guests, then, again, we invite them to the kitchen. Housewives who spend most of the time here will appreciate the convenience. After all, if the necessary items are always at hand, then the cooking process becomes more pleasant. In such a comfortable kitchen in all respects as Cesar Cucine, I want to stay longer. And this contributes to the birth of new culinary masterpieces. The arrangement of a comfortable kitchen involves compliance with some rules. Firstly, a stove, a refrigerator and a sink should be nearby so that you do not have to run throughout the kitchen while working. Secondly, the space of the kitchen should be divided into several parts according to their functional purpose. Standard kitchen involves 5 such zones. Food storage area. Most housewives store perishable products in the refrigerator. And cereals and canned foods occupy a pantry or kitchen cabinets. It is much more convenient if all this is in the same zone. The refrigerator can be built into the kitchen set, then it will not stand out of the general view. Or harmoniously fit into the interior using various scenery. Zone of kitchen utensils. It is better to place this zone closer to the sink and dishwasher. Coffee or tea service that you use every day can be hung on special holders or simply arranged on the table. For devices that are used during cooking, there are wall mounts — it is beautiful and convenient. Moika zone. Here, in addition to the sink itself, a dishwasher, a garbage bucket and detergents will be located. It’s good if this zone is located next to the kitchen utensil zone. In this case, having washed the dishes, you can immediately place it in places. Cooking zone. The basis of this zone is a slab and a cutting table. It is also convenient to store everything that may be needed for cooking. Dinner Zone. For this zone, the place at the window is most suitable, especially if it opens a picturesque view. And its area should be enough to accommodate family and guests. But there are no strict requirements for the location of furniture. Depending on the dimensions and geometry of the kitchen, the furniture can be placed directly (along one wall), an angle or a semicircle. These simple recommendations will help you make the kitchen space as convenient and comfortable as possible. And adding a little imagination to them, you will turn your kitchen into a beautiful cozy «nest».