We repair the floor on our own: recommendations of specialists

Over time, any things and objects of furniture and everyday life also concern, also applies to wooden floors that receive various damage and require repair. This work does not belong to the category of complex, so you can repair the floor yourself, without involving specialists.

First of all, it is necessary to dismantle the boards that were damaged, if they have a tolerable appearance, then it is possible that they should be used again. The next stage of work is the fit of the boards. In order for the adjustment to pass perfectly evenly, you need to put cardboard, only or roofing ground under boards, only after that we are laying them down and put down with their own. When it is necessary to fully replace the damaged boards, in new boards, if they differ in thickness, you need to make grooves, in places of combination of them with each other, well, these protrusions can be removed with the help of a shirt, shy of excessive wood.

One of the reasons for the repair is such a “noisy” damage as a creak of the boards, which occurs as a result of their deformation. Often the reason for this is that there is a large distance between different boards in size and laid lags. Therefore, the floor must be shifted, while it is better to lay additional bars for the support between the boards.

Another reason is the appearance of cracks in the floor. Here experts advise screwing screws and thoroughly plunge the floor surface. If the nature of the gap is more serious, then it is better to insert a twine into it, which is better to soak with glue (carpentry).

You can carry out something like prevention and then floor repair can be distant for some time. Suppose if you want your floor to be rotted when contacting water, then you should treat the boards with an antiseptic.

As you can see, there is absolutely nothing complicated in the repair of a wooden floor, to make it independently and without a waste of large cash.

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