Weekdays of metro -building industry news

Head of the Moscow Department for Construction A. Bochkarev said that the construction of the metro in the capital has fallen in price by twenty -five percent in recent years.

The average price of a kilometer of deep laying is estimated today by about ten billion rubles, and a small order of about five billion Russian currency. This decrease occurred in most cases due to an increase in construction volumes. The price of which is also reduced by the same situation.

In addition, this allows you to reduce maintenance costs, as well as repairing electric trains and launching new technologies. The use of special electrical equipment makes it possible to reduce the area of ​​the premises of substations, which means that the area of ​​development is reduced.

In addition, a shallow metro station is being built today, and on average they cost two and a half times cheaper than deep metro.

The presence of migrants

Bochkarev also noted that the migrants who came from the countries of the neighboring foreign countries are only about fifteen percent in Moscow, since they are busy mainly in unskilled work.

Now at the construction sites of the capital only thirty percent of workers have metropolitan registration, there are still many other residents who came to work in Moscow from Central Russia, Kaluga, Kirov and Tver regions.

Urban orders are carried out by almost four hundred and fifty main contractors, of which ten stations of the Moscow metro are built.

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