Your personal stream and real alpine hill

Modern technologies and design inventions allow you to achieve any location of your stream. Why a stream? Of course, you can choose a small lake, but the first option will take less time and costs than the second. In addition, a stream, coupled with a rocky bed, a small bridge and beautiful flowering flowers on an alpine hill nearby, will create an unusually romantic mood for you nearby.

Usually at the beginning of the stream a small waterfall or fountain is installed, which gives it brightness and independence. The stream will stand out the most in your garden, so at least the amount of time will take its layout and install its parts. But the efforts spent are worth. You can add lighting lights to the stream that will give an even more amazing effect. The shores are decorated with coastal plants, moisture -loving flowers and herbs. The stream is always full of life and murmur, this is its main difference from the pond or lake. In addition, it needs to be less cleaned.

An important part of the stream is a mountaineering, or an alpine hill. The usual one is made in a place where the earth is most raised to increase the effect and reduce the costs of force on the transfer and laying of the Earth. The construction of an alpine hill does not require anything supernatural, even a child is able to dig and tamp the earth in the number of. Only one but, the slide consists not only of the sand. First they pull out a pit and fill it with rubble, gradually adding more and more land. This is done so that the hill does not fall apart when rains get on it. Use not only crushed stone, but also other different materials: broken brick, gravel. After compacting, the slides marks and create tiers on which plants and flowers will grow, as well as additional decorative elements. There is also nothing supernatural, ordinary flat (and not only) stones. Decorative elements are placed in the first place, and landscaping and planting plants endure their turn. You can not plant plants only because you liked their color. Plants with only one red color are more than 10 thousand pieces, but not each of them can get along with their green -faced friend. Of course, you can not plant roses or margarita on a hill. Only those plants that grow in rocky or mountainous areas take place here.

Having finished with the landscaping of the hill, think about whether you are completed, whether your idea is completed, whether there are enough plants. Remember — the more natural elements you use, the more spectacular your stream will look. Following simple rules above, you will certainly be able to come up with something of your. Be original, go to nature, grab something. Some interesting piece of a cliff or even a trunk of a perennial tree. Take your time with a choice, take all the pros and cons, after which green your slide. Experiment with the location of decorative elements, create your own unique style!